Rats, mice and other household rodents are a threat to you and your family’s safetyThese pests carry many diseasesand, franklythey are unpleasant to look at, running around the house. However, there are lots of tips and advices on how to get rid of rats in the house that can be used to clean your home from these pestsSome of them can be done with things around the house and the other can be done using external means. Let’s see how you can make your house rat free.

 5 Tips on how to get rid of rats in the house easily

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Rats annoying and off-putting, but it does not mean that it is impossible to get rid of themThere are many ways you can use trying to get rid of rats:

  •      Hiring a professional rat exterminator to get rid of rats
  •      Closing their inputs so they can not get any access to the inside
  •      Using Rat Trap cells to capture rats, and then releasing them into the wild
  •      Using rat poison in places where they seem to often.
  •      Using cat


Getting Rid of Rats Naturally

To get rid of rats in the attic, you can put a box trap to catch them easily. When it comes to how to get rid of rats in the garage, you can get a cat. Indoor / outdoor cat is particularly effective for getting rid of rats.

Knowing how to get rid of rats in the walls

If you have rats in the walls of his house, which is more difficult to get rid of than to kill rats in the attic. Garages and attics are open spaces, so it is easier to capture or kill the rats at himself. But when the rats get into the walls and you can hear them squeak all around the house, it’s time to call in the fighter. These professionals can get rid of rats all over your house. It is also very effective for how to kill rats, roof, because the roof is usually difficult to get to. And, of course, you do not want to hurt yourself in the process of trying to get rid of rats.

Other chemicals and poisons


The last and one of the most effective yet dangerous ways to get rid of rats with rat poison. You can get them at pet stores and other markets as small tablets and granules. Leave them around the house where rats to visit the most, and they will be gone soon. It’s dangerous if you have pets and / or small children, so be very careful that they do not swallow these. So here are some simple and effective ways to avoid the rats in the house. You can use the ones that suit you best, and you feel that they were the most effective. Remember that if all other options have run out, you can always call the professionals. It is very important to get rid of rats and other rodents, as they carry many diseases and can damage your family.

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How to get rid of rats naturally?

There are some factors that will give you an ideas of ​​the natural way to get rid of rats.

Use peppermint oil

 Peppermint oil is an easy answer to the question “How to get rid of rats and mice  naturally?”. It is a natural deterrent, the smell of mint so intense, so that the rats would stay away from your home. It is safe and doesn’t pose a threat to family members. Peppermint oil is readily available in all grocery and food stores. You can pour the oil of peppermint for all entrances and openings in your home, such as doorways, vents and in the basement or plant mint in the garden to get rid of rats in the house. Also you may use products such as cover cork in fat, too. Rats eat a greased cork, but are not able to digest it.  

Seal all entry points for mice

You should carefully consider all the entry points that rats can use to enter the house. You must seal all these entry points to block the possible entry of rats. However, in older homes it is not possible to seal all holes, but still you can find potential rat doors.

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Killing rats is not a final decision

If you think that killing rats is a natural way to get rid of rats, then you are probably wrong. Rats always come to your home in search of food. So if you leave your food waste in the public domain, then there is no chance to get rid of rats. It is necessary to keep garbage cans closed and maintain the purity from the garbage in the house and garden.


Keep all edible things in cupboards

You should never place the edible food and openly. This can be a major source of attraction for the rats and mice. This measure will prevent that they will appear in the kitchen. They go out of your home and will look for food somewhere else if they do not find it at you. It is your goal.

Bring House cat or barn owl as a pet

Cats are quite active in the hunt for rats inside and outside the home. This reduces the headache to some extent and keep rats away from home.

Another way you can get rid of the rats receiving barn owls. They are excellent hunters and are particularly fond of rats and mice. As you can not exactly make their pets, you can make a bird house to attract them, and then let nature take its course.

Use repellents and repellers against rodents

It is an effective solution to keep rats away from home. To repel rodents you may use electronic ultrasonic devices, for example, Ultrasonic Pest Repeller by Pest Venator for ~$28.89 (4-pack). This ultrasonic pest repeller is very useful in getting rid of rats from your home.

Each step is working to some extent in the destruction of rats naturally. If you can use a combination of several methods and products, it will bring a good results. Almost any mice deterrent spray is useful in getting rid of rats from your home.


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