Easy Methods To Repel Mice From Your Home

Easy Methods To Repel Mice From Your Home

Seeing mice running across your home is possibly the worst feeling ever. The presence of mice not only disturbs the environment of your home but also threats the health of your family and that of your pets. Killing mice with chemical pesticides isn’t a very good option since the residues of poisonous chemicals would contaminate your environment. And if you’re interested in knowing how to get rid of mice, this articles is all about natural ways of killing mice.

Some of the most frequently asked questions about how to get rid of mice home remedies have also been answered here.

How Can I Stop Mice From Entering My Home?

You can keep mice out of your home with only little effort.Картинки по запросу How Can I Stop Mice From Entering My Home?

  1. The first thing you need to do is to identify the points of entry of mice into your homes. For this purpose, follow the greasy strains or mice feces on your floor. Once you know the crack or opening mice used to make their way into your home, block those points of entry.
  2. The second thing you need to do is to make sure that there is no easy-to-access mice food available on your floors or kitchen shelve. Dispose the trash as far from your home as possible. Ensure no food available for mice and it would be easy to getting rid of mice.

Is There Any Natural Mice Repellent/ Killer?

Yes, there are quite a few natural mice killers that can get rid of mice fast. A couple of them are:

  • Snake’s excretory waste is a cheap and effective organic repellent for mice. Visit any local zoo to get this organic material. Place small bag of this material near cracks and points of mice entry.
  • Cats feces is also effective in repelling mice. The smell of cat urine would drive mice out of your home. Cats are worst enemies or mice and can help get rid of mice in walls. The best thing about having a cat at your home is that they have that special affinity to identify the position of mice on their own. So, you don’t need to show cats way to mice. Cats are the best natural ways to get rid of mice!

Are There Some Organic Mice Repellents?

Картинки по запросу Organic Mice Repellents

Yes, there are natural mice repellents or killers which you can prepare in your home.

One of these repellents is the peppermint oil. Peppermint has that special odor which is abhorred by most rodents. Peppermint can be prepared at home or can be accessed from any market. Soak a few balls of cotton with this oil and place these soaked balls at the points where mice are most probabilistic to be found. The smell of peppermint would make it impossible for mice to stay in there. At higher doses, it may even serve as best way to kill mice.

Another great method to repel mice is to place peppermint plant near the windows and doors of your house. This would largely help keeping mice out of your home.

Is There Any Homemade Trap To Kill Mice?

To know how to kill mice, you may try following tips:

  • Using conventional mousetraps has always been a fruitful tactic to kill mice. Using food as a  bait in these traps would attract mice towards it.
  • Another homemade trap can be the use of glue traps, sticking materials and cooking oil. Spill these liquids on floor in the areas where you’ve noticed mice movement. The sticking material makes movement difficult for mice and they become less agile, less speedy and get caught.

Can Birds Be Helpful In Eliminating Mice?

Yes, on of the most interesting choice to get rid of mice in garage is Barn owls. A family of these owls can eat up to 10-15 mice in a single day. In order to have these mice at your home, simply make an owl shelter in your garden. These owls will naturally get down to the shelter and will start spotting and killing any mice seen in or around your home.

Is There Any Electronic Devise To Repel Mice?

Yes, there are quite a few electronic devices which produce ultrasonic beeping that can help you get rid of mice in house. However, continuous use of this beeping would make mice resistant or used to of the wave frequency and ultimately this option would no longer remain useful.

P3 International P7816 Attack Wave Ultrasonic Pestrepeller

We have already submitted to you some reviews of electronic ultrasonic repellents, but the given modification –  P3 International P7816 Attack Wave Ultrasonic Pestrepeller – is rather different from them all.  It is electrical network operated and includes also a cord to plug in a wall socket which allows to change somehow the location of the repeller. It is comfortable, isn’t it?

We have examined all characteristics of the given unit and now present to you our Product Review- check it!

Short product description:

  • P3 International Attack Wave Pestrepeller produces strong sound pressure in the air attacking the auditory and nervous systems of rodents
  • Ultrasonic sounds continuously penetrate up to 5,000-unobstructed-square-feet
  • Uses automatic wave variation minimizing the chance that pests become immune to the sound
  • Harmless to humans and non-rodent pets, this unit operates totally chemical and battery free
  • Measures 4-3/4 by 4 by 2-3/4 inches; 6-month warranty

Pros of P3 International Attack Wave Ultrasonic Pestrepeller:

  • Electronic repeller works both indoors and outdoors on rodents:

“I bought this for a mouse problem at a rental property that I owned. Quite quickly, I noticed an improvement and to my knowledge, the house remains mouse free. I subsequently bought it for my primary residence and I still occassionally notice a mouse, I am not sure why it isn’t working as well at this property but am pleased that it worked at the other”.

“…i wasn’t sure if this device work outdoors. I don’t see anyone use this device for outdoor or any of the reviews on outdoor use. I took a risk and brought it. For my suprise it work!! To be honest, i have mices and rats in my backyard keep eating my fruits. i feed them many type of rat poision food, but it wasn’t effective at all.. I put this outside under a shaded area there is no rain can get in.. I see it improvement within 3 days.. I didn’t believe it! This thing really works like a charm”.

“I bought this product before for keeping rats out of the garage- they were chewing on the wires and tubes in the car. I bought 4 more to keep rats away elsewhere in the house. Great product, excellent service”.

  • The repeller allows to eliminate ants and spiders :

”I had a well pump house that was infested with spiders, ants and field mice. I installed the device and after a week there didn’t seem to be much change. After two weeks it is completely devoid of any critters and I am a happy camper!”

  • …as well as bats, squirrels and flies:

“…I purchased two of them. We had a bat in the house and that would not do.  I noticed on the 2nd day these gizmos were up and working that big stupid flies had somehow shown up from somewhere and were contemplating suicide…they were obviously addled by the devices…not really trying to get away… I have no idea where they came from but I killed about 30 or so. I next noticed that the family of squirrels that spent time in a tree outside the house had disappeared…they did not ever bother me but they had left during the week. Still no more bats….That is the best part… Life is now good here.”


  • In fact, all electronic repellers including P3 may irritate home animals because their ears are more sensitive than human ears:

 “I will use the remaining unit in our storage barn where our pets do not go”.

  • Nevertheless, the noise of the device may be heard by a person:

“Yes, it makes a small noise. It is every small. If I do not pay attention I hardly able to hear it”.

“It has a very low “tic tic tic …” sound that you can hear in the middle of the night if you are in the same room”.

  • Some customers inform that the working period of the device is not very long:

“…After about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks, they [squirrels] have adapted to the devices and are now back and frolicking in the garage as well as the attic…”

Картинки по запросу P3 International P7816 Attack Wave Ultrasonic PestrepellerFeatures:

  1. It may take up to 6 weeks before full elimination of rodents.
  2. P3 Pestrepeller is not water resistant.
  3. It is no battery operated, only a network.

Tips from customers:

1. “You are not supposed to use this near gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs or other rodent pets and you are not supposed to keep it near your ear when you press the red test button”.
2. Combine peppermint oil with с P3 Pestrepeller for better results.
3. ”You must make sure that you have enough units and they are NOT blocked by floors or dampened by carpets. Keep them off of the ground and elevate them so the sound waves can travel in the air, at least a minimal of six inches if placed on a floor, if you have carpets you may need to raise them higher. But not too high either, near the edge of whatever you prop them on”.
4. Note: you should not be surprised by the increase of mice activities after including the ultrasonic pest repeller in the network. The animals will be nervous and run around in panic that is why you may imagine that the population has increased and the problem has not been solved. But wait! All visible signs of rodent infestation will disappear soon.

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Questions and answers about P3 International P7816 Attack Wave Ultrasonic Pestrepeller

Does the device include a special cord to be plugged in or is it necessary to insert the device itself into the outlet?

As we have mentioned above, the set is supplied with a cord (4-6 foot) attached to a transformer – you  only need to insert it into your 110-120 v outlet. The device itself doesn’t have a plug to insert it directly.

What is the best place to locate P3?

You may just put it on floor or window-sill, chair or any other small elevation as well as in car. Remember not to create obstacles to the work of the device in the form of carpets, boxes, etc. We wish you success!

How many devices are required for a large house?

If there are lots of rodents or insects in your house, install a unit at every floor including basement and attic. Sometimes it is better to re-insure oneself.

If your situation is not so bad, use only one repeller in the “epicenter of invasion” and wait for results!

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