ET Pest Control (Mice Targeting System) Review

ET Pest Control (Mice Targeting System) Review

Most probably, you have already heard about ”ET Pest Control” from your friends and neighbors, but if you have not, now it’s time for you to get familiar with this electronic repeller.

So, this device is really effective against rodents and insects (but the most effective it is against mice).

That this is quite true has been proven by the product rating – 4,2 out of 5 stars – as estimated by the customers of A few ultrasonic repellers have deserved so high appreciation given by such ordinary customers as you and me. We have studied pros and cons of this electronic repellent and now are glad to introduce to you our full Product Review. We are sure it will be very useful for you!

Specs of product:

Product Dimensions: 4 x 7 x 2 inches ; 7 ounces
Shipping Weight: 1 pounds

Short product description:

  • Pest Direct Targeting (Target all the ET’s Power to either Insects or Rodents)
  • High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds covering 5000 sq. ft.
  • Electromagnetic High Impact Repelling (For Deep Inner Wall Repelling)
  • Twin Scanning Technology (Helps Repel Pest with Greater Demand)
  • Pest Confusion Selector (Hit pest with different Repulsive Sounds)

Pros of product:

  • ET Pest Control is effective in repelling rodents, get ready for a prolonged war:

”To be fair, it didn’t work right away, but after about 2 weeks I didn’t see anymore mice in my kitchen. Hell, I wasn’t seeing anything in my whole house. I thought eureka! Well, turns out I wasn’t so lucky. We recently found a mouse in the living room and the few times that I’ve seen him he is always hanging out in the living room, but my kitchen remains mouse free. No mouse droppings, no sightings, no nothing.I’m convinced it works, but because I have a 3 bedroom house I really should have a few more”.

“I’m a techie, I know it shouldn’t work, but, ever since I put mine in. No pests, zero, none. So, I have to say, I love it”.

“I had a problem with a rodent in my wall I could hear moving around at night. Within a week of using the system it was gone and hasn’t returned! The company really takes pride in their product and encourage you to call them with any problems”.

“I’ve been using these for probably 10 years now and they TOTALLY WORK! I hesitated at the price initially, but they are worth it. We have protected 2 different homes with these and NEVER have a rodent problem during usage. Turn them off, problems start”.

“…I started seeing results approx. 2-3 weeks after ET was plugged in 24/7,and eventually mice stopped showing up at all”.

  • It works on roaches, too:

“…our neighbor in the apartment building moved out and the unit was renovated. all sorts of icky critters took up residence in our place. so we took to cockroach traps and desiccant strips, and things got a little better. in desperation, i got this device and it seems like the bugs are gone. no more mice turds”.

  • … and on crickets:

 “I have noticed that I have not had any crickets in my garage or home since I purchased this system (I have the setting for rodents but apparently that setting helps with bugs too. Last year crickets were a real nuisance”.

Картинки по запросу ET Pest Control (Mice Targeting System

  • It’s good solution for motorhomes:

“Haven’t seen a trace from mice since I started using them. My friends with motorhomes will also be buying these for the basements and cabin area”.


  • The device can irritate home animals:

“I think the unit irritates our cat. She didn’t freak out when I installed the unit; but she stopped sleeping on the side of the house where the unit is installed. She still wanders about on that side of the house, but no longer curls up there for a nap”.

  • Some customers find the device to be too huge:

“This device takes up an entire wall socket,that’s somewhat disappointing”.

Features of ET Pest Control:

  1. The apparatus is only electrical circuit operated, no batteries.
  2. ET Pest Control is recommended only for indoors use.
  3. No water resistance.

Tips from customers:

  1. “I spoke to the owner of the company who makes these units and he recommends setting the ‘Range’ to low for mice and high for bats. If you have both pest problems, I recommend installing two in the problem area, one set for each animal”.
  2. “To expand the reach, install in each room; this allows almost perfect coverage. If you live in a congested city,such as NYC, this is a must have”.
  3. If you have an opportunity, then stain mice or other rodents you want to rid of with small marks in order to recognize the “recidivists” later and note if their population has increased.

Questions and answers about ET Pest Control (Mice Targeting System)

As far as I have understood, the repeller has two regimes ”Low” and “High”: what to do if my house is invaded both insects and rodents?

In that case you should purchase 2 or more units which can cover the whole range of pests at your house and set a different regime for each unit. “Low” is suitable for rodents: mice, rats, squirrels, while “High” – for bats, bugs, roaches and other insects.

Help, there are mice deep inside our walls, can ET help in the given case?

Yes, the technology of this electronic repeller’s work is such that the irradiated ultrasound penetrates through walls driving mice far away. We wish you success in your struggle!

My work depends exclusively on Internet – won’t the repeller impact negatively Wi-Fi in my home? As far as it concerns my income, I am worried very much!

Don’t be worried, ET Pest Control doesn’t impact the work of wired or wireless Internet, doesn’t conduct radio-waves, doesn’t hinder the signal of mobile telephones and doesn’t impact the work of household appliances. There is only an inaudible ultrasound. The work of the ultrasonic pest repeller won’t hinder your work.

What network voltage is proper for the unit?

110-120 v. If at your place the voltage is different, for example, 230 or 240, you may require to purchase a converter (transformer).

Tell if it is normal that when I include the unit in the network, 2 static green lights and 1 red blinking light are on?



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