How To Make Workable Mouse Traps?

How To Make Workable Mouse Traps?

Catching a mouse can sometimes get tricky since these rodents are super fast while they move around on ground. For this reason, you can’t kill them throwing a stone or other heavy object at them (one out of a thousand chances that stone would hit the mouse). But the fact of the matter is that you cannot allow these creatures to run across your home. This article contains some practicable methods of catching a mouse. Let’s dig into this post and see what different kinds of Mouse Traps it has for you.

How to Catch a Mouse

Method I: Spring Mouse Traps

Spring mousetraps are the most commonly employed mouse traps for catching or rather killing mouse. To know how to catch a mouse using this mouse trap, try following simple steps.

Картинки по запросу spring trap

1. The first step would be to identify where exactly these mice are hiding in your home. Once you know the point, place mousetraps there.

2. Trying placing at least 3-4 mouse traps to increase the probability of mouse hitting one of those traps.

3. It is advisable to place a bait (piece of bread) on those mouse traps so as to tempt mice towards those baits.

4. Keep checking those traps after every 12 hours since you won’t like a caught mouse to rot there and spread diseases in your home. This is how to catch a mouse in your house.

Method II: Catching The Mouse Alive

In the above mentioned method, you would catch only a dead mouse because the spring trap is most probabilistic to kill the mouse. However, if you’re interested to know how to catch a mouse alive, try following method.

1. Take a plastic tube big enough to fit a mouse inside it. Close its one end and flatten one of its side so that it can be balanced on a table.

2. Place your bait on the closed end of the tube and place the tube on a table in such a way that the side containing the bait is in the air while the rest of the tube is balanced in the table.

3. The mouse would be tempted by the bait and it will move into the tube. However, as it would reach the bait, the tube will get imbalanced and will fall down on the floor where you’ve already kept a bucket.

4. Keep checking the bucket at least twice a day. As soon as you see a mouse in it, remove the mouse from the tube and throw it out of your home. This is how to catch a mouse without a trap.


Картинки по запросу white mouse in houseThe above mentioned methods are fruitful and will help you know how to catch a mouse fast. However, there are quite a few precautionary measures you need to keep in view while practicing these methods:

1. Never a touch a mouse, alive or dead, without gloves on your hands. Especially while removing a dead mouse from spring trap, use gloves. Dead mice might have horrible number and kind of germs causing serious diseases.

2. Once you catch a mouse, dead or alive, clean that surface with some good antiseptic because the presence of mouse on a site may pose threat to the health of your family members (in case you catch a mouse from inside of your home).

3. Keep checking the traps at least once a day because dead mice rot very fast and you cannot afford these mice to rot inside your home as it might lead to serious diseases in human being and pets living around.

How to Set a Mouse Trap – The Most Popular Questions

We selected the most common and important questions about mouse traps and hope this information will be useful for you in process of getting rid of mice.

  • I’ve heard mice are smart, if one mouse gets caught will the others avoid the trap?

No, it’s not a true. Put the trap facing the wall because mice will run along the wall and step into the trap. And by the way you can use several types of traps, it will be better that only peanut butter use.

  • I put six traps out tonight on yard. Mice eatting winter rye grass seed. 2 dead 2.5″mice and the other 4 traps the cheerios are missing. Is this good?

No you just lost 4 traps. You have to drill a small hole in the side of the trap tie a piece of wire (wire only not string) to it then tie it to something that will not be drug off a piece of rebar or pipe that is stuck in the ground or some thing that has some weight to it(a piece of wood about a foot long tie your wire in the middle of the wood) and use just a little bit of peanut butter in the cup of the trap.

  • Картинки по запросу peanut butterI saw two mice yesterday but none are going near the trap. Am I using the wrong kind of peanut butter?

Use only a tiny amount of bait and try other baits: cream cheese, bacon, gummy fish,  oats, bird food –  mice are surprisingly choosy. Aso try to use gloves when you handle the traps so there’s not so much human scent.

  • What do you do once you find a mouse dead in trap?

We would not recommend touching it at all after it gets caught. Use a broomstick and push the trap with the dead mouse inside a plastic bag and throw it out immediately outside in the garbage can. Then just a wipe down it and your trap is ready to catch mice again and again.

  • Is it easy to set the traps? I have trouble with the old fashioned wooden type snapping back at my slow arthritic fingers.

You can set up the steel traps easier than wooden one and than can resist stains and odors common in old wooden traps.

  • Is there a way to make the trap more sensitive? The bait keeps being eaten w/o releasing.

Do you use traps for big rodents ? If so you have to know that the weight of mice may be too little to trap worked. Use the trap smaller or try to put more peanut butter.

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