TOP 5 Rodent Control Tips: And What Are You Going to Do with Infestation?

TOP 5 Rodent Control Tips: And What Are You Going to Do with Infestation?

If you are now looking for effective rodent control tips, it means that rats and mice are somewhere around or in your place, damaging properties and spreading serious diseases, thus posing a really great risk to your health. To ensure that your house is not easily accessible or hospitable to them, you are to know several basic rules.

Keep in mind that these are not house pets, but nasty creatures that chew electrical wiring and cause fires, ruin woodwork and storage boxes, leave urine and droppings. So, what should be done?

First Signs

What are the first signs of infestation? Usually, there is one important factor you are to pay special attention to during inspection: the presence of fecal pellets that differ according to species. The roof rat fecal pellets are larger than that of mice or Norway rat. And the more pellets you have found, the more severe is the infestation.

Rodent Control Meaning and Infestation Prevention

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t is highly important to ensure that there are no mice in your house. Did you know that the majority of those, who have rodents, are not even aware of the problem? Check for the signs of mouse activity at least once a year. Look for gnawed wires, paper, furniture and items. If you haven’t found anything worth your attention, following the flowing prevention tips to ensure that mice infestation will never become a problem for you and your family:

  1. Store garbage in heavy plastic containers that have tight lids.
  2. Sweep up different food remains, trash and litter both inside and outside your house.
  3. Remove debris and weeds in the yards and near buildings, so that rats won’t have the place to hide in.
  4. Inspect the house and basement for holes and cracks. If there are any, seal them with mortar.
  5. Store food in containers that have tight lids.
  6. Never leave pet food out.
  7. Keep the outside doors closed and use a metal trip in order to prevent rodents from entering underneath.
  8. Inspect the windows and screens for various holes.
  9. Try not to provide hiding places.
  10. Get rid of all unused junk and materials.

Ways to Get Rid of Infestation

No matter whether the infestation is severe or not: pests should be eliminated as soon as possible. Let’s find out about rodent control tips, listing them from the less effective to the one that gives the best results. Are you ready?

Getting a cat. This is the first step to do and the simplest way to eliminate mice in your house. These home pets have a natural instinct towards mice. The only possible drawback is that they cannot fully exterminate mice, as there are corners they won’t be able to reach.

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Use poison. There are two major types of rodent poison. Some bait a rat and poison it when it eats the bait. Others are powder-like. Wandering about the house, a mouse has the poison on feet. During grooming, it licks the powder off and dies from poison. You are to be very careful and use poisons in places where pets and kids won’t eat them by accident.


Get bait. The material that is used as bait is recognized as helpful in trapping rats and mice. Various food materials can be effectively used as bait. If you are about to go this way, you are to take into account the presence of your family and pets. It is also important to avoid using such material in open air, when it is accessed pretty easily. Dispose of old bait and charge the new material frequently, so that the rats don’t become resistant to it.

Rodent traps. If you notice cracks and holes in the corners of the room, you are to get special rodent traps and place them near these places. Check such traps for the presents of pests daily. If there is a rat inside, take hand gloves before you handle them.

Картинки по запросу Electronic rat control devices

Electronic rat control devices. What are they? These are special devices that help to get rid of rodents in the easiest and the most convenient way. Such devices are placed both at home and in offices. To turn them on you should plug them into electrical sockets. How do they work? The devices emit sound waves of a high frequency. These waves are unbreakable to rodents and inaudible to pets and humans. These discomforting sound waves make rodents move away from the place from which the sound comes. Turning such devices from time to time you eliminate all rats and prevent their reoccurrence.

Remember that following these rodent control tips is highly important even if there is a single mouse or rat around. A single pest can trigger the damage, hampering the well-being and health of your family. Besides, where there is one mouse or rat, there soon will be tens of others. Choose the tip that suits you best, buy necessary items and start the elimination process right away.



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